Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I won!!!

I love to go to the web and read the latest emagazine...
Additude www.attitudemag.com
While reading the articles ... I saw that there was a little contest... for one of the commenter to comment.. and win a new book entitled Shut UP about your Perfect kid...a survival guide for ordinary parents of special children...
By Gina Gallagher and Patricia Konjoian...I received it yesterday.. and when everyone in my house went to bed... I devoured it.
If you have never heard of Emily Perl Kingsley... and you have a special needs child... You will enjoy her Welcome to Holland section of the book.
There was a lot of terrific autistic websites:
I loved the whole book and it's funny take on life with a child with a disability.. but the ADHD celebrity mention.. was fun
Charles Schwab (dyslexia)
Whoopi Goldberg (dyslexia)
Michael Phelps (ADHD)
Terry Bradshaw (ADHD)
Ty Pennington (ADHD)
Orlando Bloom ( ADHD)
Wood Harrelson (ADHD)
I never win anything.. and what fun to win... a special needs book.. I usually have to save money left over from the groceries.. to buy myself any self-help and special needs books... the library does not always have ones I NEED to read...

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  1. Congrats! I will definetely check it out. Funny the title of the book is what I want to scream at my sister at times. lol

    I am getting ready to read Love & Logic for Parents & Teachers. I've heard wonderful things about it.