Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Parenting is a humbling experience. My son is easy to love but so hard to parent. I try to follow my instincts as a mother and a teacher... I was a pre-k and K teacher for over 15 years...My son has just started Kindergarten...
I am worried that my son will be a mini me.. at school.. I never got in trouble... ( well, he already has been kicked out of dance, and violin last year- for not focusing) but I don't want him to loose his homework after spending time doing it... I was a very disorganized student.. and I don't want my son to feel the pain of searching high and low for thins. I have set up a desk.. with all the necessary supplies to make homework time more organized. It is only the 3rd day... and so he has not had any homework from the teacher but every night I give him one little job to do.. Sometimes it's practicing his name.. sometimes it's identifying numbers or cutting coupons... I say words and ask him to tell me the first sound.. BUG bbb what sound does bug start with?????
I dread to ever learn that my son is not meeting expectations of his teacher. Life is painful for students who don't meet adults expectations. My self-esteem has always been the root of this.. my father always said.. You are so unorganized.. don't you know where this is or that is?
I have learned that school is not like it was when I went... students have more work, their days are more fragmented.. he goes to O.T. and there is a sense of pressure if you make a mistake. I have learned over the way a few tips I will share today.. on how to keep your child organized this year...
* Try to teach your child not to carry home everything... especially middle school and high school students..
* help them empty back pack daily and check for assignments..
* help them put homework in the same folder daily... to and from school
*If your child does not have innate organizational skills try to tell the child every place as home...
Homework time is hard for any A.D.H.D child
* * Don't approach your child on organization first thing in the am or late pm
**When you start homework if the desk is not neat or clean from the last time..don't bring it up.. when you are about to start homework.
***Help your child own the process... the time after snack or after 1 bike ride...
let them pick supplies..
***limit the distractions..Try not to answer the phone when helping your child do homework..
**The less you say, the better. If you can refrain from commenting.. on negative things...
**Give positive feedback..


  1. These are great tips. Organization has never been my strong suit but I'm having to learn to help my son.

  2. very helpful, before reading this my son and I sat down to do his homework. I told myself to remain calm, it will be a better outcome. We got it done wonderfully. Good stuff to think about next time. Thanks